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Young Researchers ("Pirchei Mehkar")
​This unique, direct-track doctoral program is designed for outstanding students who are being trained in life sciences and medicine. Admission to the track requires a GPA of at least 90 and a personal interview. Approximately ten students are accepted to the track. Graduate students accepted into this program receive an especially high excellence scholarship of approximately NIS 5,300, and coverage of their tuition. 
Those who continue their studies towards a Ph.D. degree within the framework of the program receive high excellence scholarships and enjoy priority in the assignment of teaching positions. The rate of financial support for students in the first and second year of their doctoral studies stands at about NIS 9,000 to NIS 9,500, according to the following calculation: Ph.D. scholarship at the rate of 200% (about NIS 6,000) and a teaching position (about NIS 3,000 to NIS 3,500). To transfer to the direct track, students are required to complete 25 credits (instead of 30) and to successfully pass the examination.
The list of mentors who agreed to join the excellence program and committed to its terms appears on the website. For questions and clarifications, please contact Ms. Galit Gross, the Academic and Student Coordinator, in the office of the Institute for Medical Research:
young medical student
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