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Academic program for the Master’s degree Biomedical sciences (602)
The Teaching Division of Biomedical Sciences offers a wide range of specialization tracks, combining research and studies in medical and life sciences with emphasis on understanding the functioning of the human body in situations of health and disease. The graduate studies include Master’s (M.Sc.) and Doctoral (Ph.D.) degrees on a direct or regular track. The program prepares graduates for teaching and research positions in academic institutions, and research and work in knowledge-intensive industries, hospitals, and healthcare systems.
Areas of expertise include the understanding and translation of the genetic code into development processes, from the molecular-cellular stage to the creation of a complete body, and understanding the functioning of a single cell and of systems of the body. Specialization tracks offered in the Teaching Division of Biomedical Sciences are detailed below. The names of researchers are listed below by track:
   •  Biochemistry, Metabolism and Endocrinology program (6029)
   •  Cell Biology, Immunology, and Cancer Research program (6028)
   •  Human Genetics program: research track, genetic counseling track (6026)
   •  Microbiology program (6027)
   •  Neurobiology program (6020)
To expose students to scientific research in the Ein Kerem campus, the Teaching Division of Biomedical Sciences has introduced two new programs for advanced studies towards Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.
"Young Researchers" ("Pirchei Mehkar") is designed for outstanding students, who, upon completing the first academic year of the Master’s program, can continue to the direct track for doctoral studies. About ten students (possibly a few more) are selected for the program (see the section on Young Researchers next to study programs).
"Discoveries" ("Tagliot") helps a greater number of graduates with Bachelor’s degree to pursue Master’s studies. The program exposes students to research, even if they have completed their undergraduate studies with a grade that does not entitle them to a scholarship. The exposure is intended to identify students with the ability to pursue a doctoral degree.
Discoveries – academic program for Master’s degree at the Teaching Division of Biomedical Sciences
The program accepts, following a personal interview, students with an undergraduate GPA of at least 84. Qualified students are accepted into the program with a scholarship of 200% as follows: 75% from the Faculty and 125% from the mentor (who must commit in advance). Students in this program, who choose to continue their studies and are accepted into the direct Ph.D. track, or who successfully completed their Master’s degree and are accepted into a doctoral program, receive a living scholarship and positions according to the scales used in the past and subject to availability.
Students who wish to continue their Master’s studies but their GPA is below 84, must check the admission requirements for Master’s degree programs for the various tracks in the Teaching Division of Biomedical Sciences. These students are not eligible for Faculty scholarships, only for those granted by their mentor.
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