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Human Genetics Program - Genetic Counseling Track (6026)
The objective of the program is to train students towards a Master’s degree in genetic counseling. Within this framework, students acquire knowledge in the fields of molecular and human genetics, in clinical aspects of hereditary diseases, and psychology. In addition, the program includes practical training in genetic counseling. This program does not include writing a final thesis.
The program requires completion of 48-49 credits.
The duration of the study towards a Master’s degree in genetic counseling is two years. The track opens every other year, and the number of places is limited. Candidates with very high achievement in undergraduate studies are invited to an admission interview.
Students complete the general program in genetics, with emphasis in the areas of molecular human genetics, human cytogenetics, embryology, and psychology.
In addition, completion of the following courses is required: seminar in genetic counseling, laboratory course in laboratory diagnosis and human genetics, and four months of practical genetic counseling. Training in genetic counseling requires clinical experience. The topic is emphasized in the program, and training takes place at the Hadassah University Hospital, in affiliated hospitals, and other hospitals approved by the academic committee of the track.
Students in the genetic counseling track can simultaneously study in the research track of the program.
Below is a guide to courses of the genetic counseling track:
Supplementary course:
Students who did not complete the Introduction to human anatomy (94612) must enroll in the course, which is considered supplementary, and the credits earned do not count towards the Master’s degree.
First year: mandatory courses
94907 Human Genetics Seminar - A
94910 Introduction to Practical Genetic Counselling
94913 Clinical, Biochemical and Molecular Aspects of Metabolic Disorders
94916 Human Cytogenetics
94917 Introductory Clinical Genetics
94920 Genetic Screening
Mandatory courses that can be taken during the first or second year:
75306 Pathopsychology and Medical Psychology
94102 Human Embryology
98429 Statistical Methods for Genetic Counselling
94664 Introduction to Applied Molecular Biology
Second year: mandatory courses
94908 Seminar in Human Genetics - Part B
94909 Practical Genetic Counselling
94914 Ethical Issues of Modern Genetics
94915 Clinical Genetics
94918 Medical Decision-Making.Coping With Uncertainity
94919 Genetic Counselling - Workshop
94924 Sonogram as a Tool for Parental Diagnosis
94930 Clinical Utilization of Genomic Technology
In addition, students in the track must choose one of the following courses (in the first or second year):
81850 Molecular Biology
94304 Regulation of Gene Expression in Animals
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