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Cell Biology, Immunology, and Cancer Research Program (6028)
The objective of the program is to instruct students in the fields of cell biology, tissue organization control, immunology, and cancer research.
The program includes three main areas of research:
1. Cell biology
2. Immunology
3. Cancer research
Students with a Bachelor’s degree in a variety of natural sciences and medicine, with a GPA of at least 80, are accepted into the program.
Program studies include:
Students build their curriculum in consultation with their mentor, and the result is submitted to the program director. Elective courses outside the program must be in biology and medicine.
The program requires completion of 28 credits. Students must select at least 20 credits in program courses, determined in coordination with the program chairman.
Students must attend the core course of the program: 
94860 Critical Evaluation of Scientific Works – for the First Year Student
Students must participate in at least one of the three core courses of the program (based on their research topic):
81803 Cellular, Molecular Immunology: Selected Issues
81809 Molecular Biology of The Cell
94861  The Biology of Cancer
Elective courses (for convenience, the courses are listed according to topics/subtracks):
Subtrack A - Cell biology
75108 General Histology
81806 System Biology of Transcription
81808 Computer Analysis of Genomic Data
81815 Genetics Animal Models of Human Disease
81891 Molecular and Cellular Biology of Growth Factors and Cytokines
94630 From the Receptor to The Gene
94843 Adhesion Molecules and Cell Recognition
94849 Regulation of Gene Experssion in Endocrine System
94864 Mitrochondria: Molecular , Metabolic And Medical Aspects
Subtrack B - Immunology
81807 The Immunological Basis of Vaccines
81892 Antigen Presenting Cells: Dentritic Cells
Subtrack C - Cancer Research
94628 Viruses Inducing Cancer
94809 Genetic Aspects of Neoplastic Transformation
94857 Biological Approaches to Cancer Therapy
Recommended Courses:
72677 Bioinformatics-Computerized Analysis of Biomolecules Sequences – Lab
72687 Bioinformatics-Computerized Analysis of Biomolecules Sequences – Lab
75202 System Histology B
81817 Structure and Function of Proteins
81821 Structure and Function of Proteins - Lab
81850 Molecular Biology
94304 Regulation of Gene Expression in Animals
94412 New Molecular Insights in Renal Diseases
94634 The Fundamentals of Embryonic Development
94921 Developmental Genetics
98122 Development of the Nervous System – Cellular and Molecular Aspects
Makeup Course:
94810 Ethical Use of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical Sciences
Students who use laboratory animals for research must enroll in this course. The course is not counted in the 28 credits towards the Master’s degree.
Some courses are offered once every two years. Before registering for a course, make sure that it will take place.
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