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Neurobiology Program (6020)
The Neurobiology program is engaged in integrative multi-disciplinary research of the brain and nervous system. Participating teachers specialize in research of the brain and nervous system in normal situations and in situations of injury and disease.
The program combines studies towards a Master’s degree and doctoral studies (Ph.D.) through a direct or regular track.
The objective is to train students in the basic and medical aspects of research of the human brain and nervous system.
Multidisciplinary studies allow a choice of several specialization tracks:
1. Development of the brain and nervous system
2. Cellular and molecular processes in the brain and nervous system
3. Higher functions and neural networks in the brain and nervous system
4. Disease, degeneration, injury, and dysfunction in the brain and nervous system
The program includes courses, seminars, and research work, as described below. Some courses are mandatory and some are electives.
The program requires completion of 28 credits. Students must earn at least 20 credits in program courses.
Research and thesis
Students must find a mentor and select the topic for their Master’s thesis before the start of the program, and obtain the approval of the mentor and of the program chairperson. Upon completion of the thesis and its submission, students take an examination in accordance with the guidelines of the Graduate Studies Committee.
Admission terms for Master’s degree program
Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences/life sciences or equivalent degree from an accredited institution of higher education, with a GPA of at least 80.
Required courses
The following two mandatory courses must be completed during the first year in of the Master’s degree program.
94101 Human Neuroanatomy and Neurobiology
98124 Human Neurophysiology
Students of medicine and biomedical sciences who took the courses Physiology I and Neuroanatomy will take other program courses instead.
Of the two following courses at least one is mandatory:
98827 Highlights of Neurological Sciences: Basic and Clinical
98819 Open Questions and Research Methodologies in Neurosciences
Mandatory courses, by subtrack:
Subtrack A: Systemic neurobiology:
At least one course from the following group of courses must be attended:
64805 Channelopathies
98825 Demyelination Diseases and Regeneration in The CNS
98822 The Biology of Aging and Degenerative Brain Diseases
98817 Neurons and Networks in the Mammalian Motor System
98121 Principles of Magnetic Resonance Neuro-Imaging
94863 The Eye and the Visual System
94868 Hot Topics in Physiology of Neuronal Tissues
98105 Mechanisims of Pain Perception and Perpetuation
Subtrack B: Cellular molecular and developmental neurobiology:
At least one course from the following group of courses must be attended:
94859 Molecular Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission
94848 Selected Topics in Neurogenetics: From Development to Function
94305 Channels and Transporters: From Gene to Mechanism
94635 From Diffrentiation to Behaviour
98122 Development of the Nervous System – Cellular and Molecular Aspects
76940 Cellular Biology and Neurobiology
64805 Channelopathies
92842 Molecular Processes in the Nervous System
Subtrack C: Research approaches in neuroscience:
Recommended courses:
81809 Molecular Biology of The Cell
81803 Cellular, Molecular Immunology: Selected Issues
81891 Molecular and Cellular Biology of Growth Factors and Cytokines
94634 The Fundamentals of Embryonic Development
81806 System Biology of Transcription
81808 Computer Analysis of Genomic Data
72677 Bioinformatics-Computerized Analysis of Biomolecules Sequences - Lab
72687 Bioinformatics-Computerized Analysis of Biomolecules Sequences – Lab
Additional elective courses:
98123 Psychiatry Neuropsychiatry and Immunology
98501 Environmental+Genetic Influences on Neurobehavior
94865 Guided Reading : Synaptic Transmission in Health and Disease
94803 Molecular Mechanisms of Aging
94407 Physiology and Pathophysiology of Heat Stress
94680 Introduction to Matlab as a Research Tool
92842 Molecular Processes in the Nervous System
76940 Cellular Biology and Neurobiology
76930 Introduction to Analytical and Computational MET
76915 Introduction to Information and Learning Process
76913 Advanced Cognitive Processes
76909 Theory of Neural Networks 2
76908 Theory of Neural Networks 1
76901 Central Nervous System Physiology - B
76900 Physiology of the Nervous System - A
72633 Topics in Neurobiology
72625 Neural Mechanisms of Animal Behaviour
64302 Biotechnology Management
51780 Neuropathology
51729 Psychoneuroimmunology - A
51712 Neuropsychology: Substrates and Mechanisms
06115 Cognitive Processes for Cognitive Sciences
Some courses are offered once every two years. Before registering for a course, make sure that it will take place.
94103 Cellular Physiology
Teacher in class with students
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