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Continuing Education
In light of the vast health care and societal changes, we have opened an outreach program into the community. This program aims to provide occupational therapists with new knowledge and skills to support practice in both current and emerging practice areas. Another goal of the program is to provide clinicians with tools that will enable them to initiate clinical research, for the purpose of gathering evidence that substantiates the efficacy of the interventions implemented with a variety of populations. In addition, clinicians learn how to find evidence, evaluate it and integrate it in their practice.
The program, which offers advanced courses, ran its first workshop in September 2006. Additional high-level workshops and courses on a broad range of topics, theoretical as well as practical, are presently given, and new, innovative courses are being developed for the program. In the program's first two months, clinicians participated in workshops such as a Cognitive Treatment Approach for Children and Adults, a cognitive assessment for children aged 6-12 (the DOTCA-CH), Principles of Clinical Supervision, their implementation and professional empowerment, and a course in Case Management. The latter is the first of its kind offered in Israel and the student body includes other health care professionals as well as occupational therapists.
The workshops and courses are approved for "credential points" from the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.
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