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Masters Degree
General Information
The Masters degree of Occupational Therapy is aimed to further train and develop practicing Occupational Therapy to be leaders of the profession both in the clinical and the research field. Our program offers two tracks, a research track and a non-research track in a range of topics that are at the forefront of the international occupational therapy community.
Application to the Master's of Occupational Therapy program opens on the 25th January, 2015 and closes on the 20th June 2015. In addition to applying via the Hebrew University application process, applicants are required to apply via the School of Occupational Therapy website
It is necessary for applicant to ensure their forms have been received by sending an email to the secretary Nitzan Steinberg
Research Track
Since 1990, the School of Occupational Therapy has successfully offered a Master's degree program under the guidance of leading occupational therapists and academic staff of the school. The program focuses on developing research thinking skills and providing general skills to conduct a research study in a variety of focus areas that are leading the path for developments in the international occupational therapy community.
A large number of students have completed their studies in our program, with many continuing to further doctoral studies at our school.
Non-Research Track
The aim of this program is to provide our students who are professionals in the field of occupational therapy with critical thinking skills and an understanding of the therapeutic intervention process while contributing to the needs of research in the field.
The focus of the non-research track is to provide specialization opportunities in different fields of occupational therapy.  In addition to the critical thinking skills and therapeutic intervention skills, a focus is also place on developing managerial skills as occupational therapists with many of our students continuing to managerial positions within the workplace environment.
Within the Master's degree program, we are constantly updating previous courses and developing new courses. These courses are offered to expand and provide in-depth knowledge in a variety of relevant interest areas in theoretical, practical and realms.
Important: The Master's of Occupational Therapy degree does not enable students to receive a license to practice occupational therapy in accordance with the Ministry of Health.
Course Requirements
Research Track: Bachelors of Occupational Therapy degree, or other associated degrees with a minimum of 85 average
Non-Research Track: Offered only to individuals with a Bachelors of Occupational Therapy degree.
Numbers of students are limited and therefore the above stated average required does not guarantee acceptance to the programs.
Contact Details
Secretary of Master's Program – Nitzan Steinberg
Telephone – (02) 584-5302
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