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In 1996, the first group of students began studying towards PhD degrees at the School of Occupational Therapy of Hadassah and the Hebrew University, ensuring Israel's place at the forefront of occupational therapy and occupational science development around the world. The school is proud to have more than eight doctoral students in various stages of their studies at any given time.
Completion of the degree earns the candidate a Doctor of Occupational Therapy and graduates perform exciting research in a wide range of areas. Through research and academic contributions, graduates of this program are continuing to make an important impact on the advancement of the profession and helping to maintain Israel's place in the development of occupational therapy worldwide.
The Doctoral Program
Ph.D. candidates have to take 12 credit points, comprised of courses aimed at expanding their knowledge in their general area of research as well as specific courses that provide necessary tools for carrying out their proposed research. Doctoral students are required to have one or more supervisors for their dissertation, depending on their research topic. Academic standards are monitored through the appointment of an Advisory Committee which accompanies the student throughout their research. The average time necessary for the completion of a PhD thesis is approximately five years.
In recent years, the school has introduced a direct doctoral track for a small number of outstanding students. This track enables these students to continue directly to doctoral studies from their MSc degree, without the requirement of presenting a master’s thesis. In the second year of their master’s studies, these students are required to pass an oral examination which grants them their master’s degree. Thereafter, they are required to pass a second examination where they present an outline of their doctoral proposal. Upon passing these two examinations, they are granted permission to continue on to doctoral studies. Students of the direct doctoral track are required to complete the 32-33 credit points of the research track MSc degree as well as the 12 credit points of the doctoral studies.​ 
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