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Fast Track Masters Degree
The fast track master's degree offered to students who excel in their first year occupational therapy bachelor's degree studies, was initiated in 2010. This track combines occupational therapy studies of the bachelor's degree (BOT) together with the master's degree (MSc). The program is a four and a half year program, and upon completion, students receive two degrees and are entitled to receive their license to practice as an occupational therapist (on condition of passing the Ministry of Health exam).
Program Objectives
Participants of the program will be the future leaders of the occupational therapy community, and will take an active role in merging between the clinical and research fields in the profession. This program also promotes the international developing trend of occupational therapists being graduates not only of the undergraduate degree, but of a master's degree in addition in order to be recognized as being experts in the profession.
How does the program work in practice?
Starting from the second year of undergraduate studies, students who are accepted to the program commence the program that is offered in parallel to both undergraduate and master's degrees. One day a week, students are integrated into the master's degree program enabling them to meet with experienced occupational therapists in the field. Throughout the program, students are accompanied by a senior member of staff from the school providing general supervision, personal support as well as courses focused on developing professional identity and leadership skills as occupational therapists.
Commencing with the first year of master's degree studies, students of exposed to research that is taking place within the school of occupational therapy. Students are grouped together with a staff member in order to perform a research project under the staff's supervision. Students in the program are required to complete a final research project according to the demands of the master's program that too provides the basis for further doctoral studies.
Each year, about ten exceptional students are accepted to the program. The school of occupational therapy, together with the faculty of medicine provide partial financial support for students.
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