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Undergraduate Studies (B. Sc. Pharm.)
The School of Pharmacy not only prepares students to enter the pharmaceutical profession but also gives them a basis for further specialized studies according to their choice. These studies are the foundation for higher education, both within the School of Pharmacy and in other areas of life sciences and medicine at The Hebrew University, or at an alternative university or institutuion for higher-education.
Undergraduate school consists of seven semesters of study (lectures, laboratories, workshops and seminars) and six months of practical specialization (internship). The curriculum covers all the major disciplines in the natural sciences, life sciences, medicine and pharmacy.
The first year consists mainly of elementary studies in chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, anatomy, and statistics. From the second year onwards the subjects include medicine and pharmaceutical clinical pharmacology, drug design, pharmacokinetics, organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, pharmacology, microbiology, pharmaceutical administration and disease processes. Internship, which is an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum in pharmacy, is well recognized by pharmaceutical and medical institutions acknowledged by the Ministry of Health. With the successful completion of studies and specialization the student will receive a bachelor degree in pharmacy (B. Sc. Pharm.).
School graduates will possess the qualifications to be employed in pharmacies, both private and institutional, in hospitals, in the pharmaceutical industry, in biological and chemical industries, in fields of biotechnology, in administration of science and research institutions in Israel and abroad.
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