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Continuing Education
The objective of the Continuing Education Department is to create a bridge between professional public and the community at large by:
  • organizing courses in the fields of pharmacy and medicine for a specified audience (see below)
  • presenting innovative courses to professional members of the community at large
  • organizing courses for new immigrants, who have a degree equivalent to a degree in pharmacy, which will allow them easy assimilation into Pharmacy in Israel
The Target Audience:
The Professional Public: Pharmacists (within the public and private sector, pharmaceutical industry, drug development companies, hospitals, health organizations, clinics, research institutions, the health department, new immigrants), pharmaceutical technicians, doctors and dentists, veterinarians, nurses, dieticians, agriculture graduates, (involved in animal care), drug sponsors, toxicologists ( in the Departments of Health, Environment, Commerce and Industry, and Science), biology teachers, patent holders, IDF, and more.
The Community at Large: Adult instructors, elementary to high school institutions, and a multitude of instructors in relevant fields.
Please note: All courses are given in Hebrew
The management of the department will examine the possibilities of offering courses in specific fields that are of potential interest to the participating community.
For queries or further Information, please contact:
Tel: 02-675-7125
Fax: 02-675-7252
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