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M.Sc. Program
The School is presently a leading research center for drug development. There are dozens of students at the Institute doing their Masters Degree in Natural Sciences (M.Sc.) or the doctoral program
The studies allow for integration into the world of academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and the chemical and bio – technical industries.
The School of Pharmacy offers a course for a Masters degree (M.Sc), in Pharmaceutical Sciences. The duration of the course is four semesters after which research work ends and should be submitted during the fifth semester (at the latest). In special circumstances the committee may make exceptions. However, in no event will extensions be allowed to exceed the sixth semester.
The committee of the School of Pharmacy is the body responsible for authorizing school programs. It is comprised of: the Chairperson, Chairperson of the Academic Committee, two elected teachers and the School Director (in his capacity).
Registration Procedures
Candidates, graduates of the Hebrew University, or other academic institutions within the country, who wish to enter the Masters program need to register at the Secretariat of the School of Pharmacy.
Applicants who have completed their undergraduate studies in higher education institutions abroad, must register through the Ministry for Overseas Students, Mount - Scopus.
Terms of Acceptance
Students with the following degrees will be accepted:
Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.Sc. Pharm) or Bachelor (B.Sc.) in the Natural Sciences, from the Hebrew University, or an equivalent academic institution in the country, and have an average of at least 80.
Students who have completed their studies abroad and are a B.Sc graduate in pharmacy or science must present a certificate from the office for foreign students where they studied to verify that the university is recognized and the average scores are equivalent to the requirements listed above.
Students with the listed criteria will be accepted following a committee decision which will be based on the candidate's suitability and whether it is necessary to complete studies and to what extent.
Exceptional Circumstances: Students not meeting the admission criteria may be accepted in exceptional circumstances following a committee decision. In such cases, the student may be required to do extra courses or submit a research paper.
As a prerequisite, graduate applicants are required to submit a letter from a teacher at the school confirming his/her consent to serve as a guide for the proposed research.
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