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Ph.D. Program (Ph.D.)

Doctoral Program (Ph.D.)

Advanced studies in the School of Pharmacy include basic research and/or research applications and are suitable for graduates in both life sciences and natural sciences. The studies allow for integration into the world of academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and the chemical and bio – technical industries.
The doctoral program is the highest stage of graduate studies within the university. A student entering the program will be referred to as a research student. Doctoral studies at the School are held in the Institute for Drug Research under the guidance of a teacher who is above the rank of lecturer and regular academic track (senior faculty members) and are subject to the provisions and rules imposed by the Authority for Research Students, including admissions, the scope of study and how to monitor the research progress.
The areas and research topics of each teacher can be seen in their personal pages under Directory on the site.
Excellent students (with grades exceeding 85) will receive a scholarship according to the criteria of the School of Pharmacy. The School of Pharmacy encourages the graduate students to participate in teaching totaling at least two hours per day (40 hours/month).
Application procedures and admission requirements can be found in the Authority for Research Students.
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