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Doctorate Degree in Clinical Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)

The curriculum for Pharm. D. is designed to increase the professional level in Clinical Pharmacy.
Duration of the Program
Classes for the program span 6 semesters (108 credits).
In the first two years, courses totaling 66 credits will be given (basic clinical pharmacy, advanced toxicology of drugs, clinical teratology, economic evaluations in medicine, advanced pharmacotherapy, biostatistics, medical data analysis, interpersonal communication skills, clinical trials, a clinical seminar).
In the third year the student will be required to specialize in pharmaceutical care, and give a clinical seminar.
Through the second and third years the student have to do a research thesis. In addition, there is a clinical seminar, every other week throughout the 3 years, where updated issues in drug therapy are discussed.
The program relies on the professional training given in the pharmacy graduate studies (a total of 4 years, three and a half years plus internship of six months) that provide the fundamental studies in natural sciences, pharmaceutical and bio- medicine and therefore limited to those with a bachelor's degree in pharmacy.
Number of Students
The program is limited to approximately 12 students each year.
From these, students with an MSc in Clinical Pharmacy can also be accepted, for a two year program.
The program places emphasis not only on the theoretical and practical studies in Clinical Pharmacy but also on research thinking. For this purpose, the program includes a research paper (thesis) on a topic related to pharmacotherapy.
The proposed curriculum is tailored to prepare the pharmacist for professional duties with a clinical application. Emphasis on Active and Experiential Learning.
The curriculum promotes active learning by analyzing case studies of patients, as is done in medical studies.
Program Director: Prof. Amnon Hoffman
Prof. Shimona Yosselson-Superstine
Dr. Sara Eyal
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