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Medical Humanities- "Adam U'Refuah"
The Medical Humanities track of the Faculty of Medicine of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem deals with the humanistic aspect of the medical profession. It is a multi-year program which takes place in years 1 to 4 of medical studies.
The content of this program over the first four years includes interpersonal communication, ethics, cultural competence, professionalism, introduction to medicine and society, medicine and law, sexual health, breaking bad news, and the art of healing.
In addition, joint courses of the Faculty of medicine and the Faculties of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences are offered as part of the Cornerstone program.In these courses, physicians teach together with lecturers from various  fields of the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, pointing out the diverse cultural contexts of medicine in philosophy, history, literature, art, theater, music etc.
Students in their first year of medical studies are already exposed to various clinical settings, such as hospital wards, the emergency room, outpatient clinics in the hospital and in the community, and settings of specialized care for the elderly.



Head, "Adam U'Refuah" Program of Medical Humanities
Dorit Shaham
Professor Dorith Shaham, M.D.
Tel: 972-2-6758137
Fax: 972-2-6758188


Medical students at the clinic with elderly
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