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Medicine and Society
In the second semester of the second year, a course on "Medicine and Society" is taught. It exposes students to a variety of social issues with medical implications, such as domestic violence, addictions, mental retardation, mental disorders in the community,and the right to health  of labor immigrants and convicts.
During the course students visit shelters for battered women,a rehabilitation communitiesty for former addicts, and institutions for mentally retarded children and adults.
In each of these visits, students listen to lectures on the relevant topics by experts in the field, and meet with patients and with the caregivers. At the end of the course, students are required to carry out an activity pertaining to one of the topics, and to write a report about it in the form of a narrative. Examples of such activities include helping the caregivers in an institution for mentally retarded children and adults, house visits with elderly women in the community, and volunteering in a clinic caring for labor immigrants.
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