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Corner stones (Avnei Pina)

Courses in the first semester of the second year are given as part of the corner stones program  of the Hebrew University. The aim of this program is to expose students to fields of knowledge outside their main field of studies.
These courses at the Faculty of Medicine are conducted in small groups, Each course is led by two teachers, one from the faculty of Humanities or Social Sciences and the other from the Faculty of Medicine. The purpose of this joint instruction is to expose Medical dentistry and of Medical Sciences students to diverse topics pertaining to medicine, such as history, philosophy, literature, art, music, and theater. 
The role of the teachers from the Faculty of Medicine is to discuss the clinical implications of these topics relevant  to current medical knowledge.
5 small images of art and theater and masks


 Each student is required to choose two of these courses:

A Curse and an Inspiration –
The Perception of Illness in Western Literature and Culture
​​"All the World's a Stage…" – The Principles and Practice of Acting in the Physician-Patient Encounter Art as a Mirror of the
Human Soul​
At the​ Other Side of
Good and Evil:
Physicians and the Holocaust

Dr. Maayan Harel
Dr. Sharon Einav-Bromiker
Dr. Rebecca Gillis

Prof. Milly Heyd, Ph.D.

Shulamit Imber

Between Faith and Hope:
The Study of Lfe and Death
in the Mikra​

Disease, Culture and History​

Gender and Health​

History of Death in
 Western Culture
Lea Mazor, Ph.D.​​ Dr. Otniel E. Dror, PhD, MD Adi Finkelstein, Ph.D. Asher Salah, Ph.D.

Issues of Ilness and Health in the Jewish Society during Middle Ages and Early Modern Times Narrative Medicine
The Art of Empathic
The Emotion in Music Opera as a Purifying Experience

Salmon-Mack, Ph.D.

Dr. Ruth Kannai, MD.

Einat Avrahami, Ph.D.

Prof. Jehoash Hirshberg

The Legal, the Ethical
and the Human
Medical Issues in the Jewish Law

Rabbi Prof. Yigal Shafran

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