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Medicine and Law
In the first semester of the third year students attend a course on "Medicine and Law". It comprises 5 meetings, each starting with a lecture and followed by a discussion in small groups. The facilitators of the small groups are an expert in law or ethics and a physician. The aim of the discussions is to apply the theoretical knowledge to medical cases and dilemmas.
The topics covered by this course are as follows:
Introduction to Medicine and Law: The legal structure in the State of Israel; The interface between medicine, ethics and law; Health legislation in Israel.
2. The Law of Patients' Rights: (a) Informed consent by the patient to medical treatment
3. The Law of Patients' Rights: (b) The right to refuse treatment; Treating special populations.
The Law of Patients' Rights: (c) Giving medical information to patients; Medical confidentiality.
5. End of life care.
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