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Academic Programs
school of medicine school of medicine biomedical sciences
• Doctor of Medicine (MD)
• Doctor of Medicine -Military Medical Track - "Tzameret" (MD)
• Combined studies track (MD-PhD)
• Bachelor of Science in Biomedical (BSc.Med)
• Master of Science in Biomedical (MSc)
• Doctoral Degree (PhD)
school of phamacy school of public health
• Graduate in Pharmacy (BSc.Pharm)
• Graduate of Drug Research (BSc.Pharm)
• Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (MSc
• Doctor of Clinical Pharmacy (Pharm.D)
• Doctoral Degree (Ph.D
• Master of Public Health (MPH)
• Master of Health Administration (MHA)
• Master of Clinical Epidemiology (MSc)
• Doctoral degree (PhD)
• Combined studies track (MD-MPH)
• International Master of Public Health (IMPH)
school of nursing school of occupational therapy
• Graduate in Nursing (BSN)
• Graduate in Nursing for registered nurses (BSN)
• Masters Degree in Nursing (MA
• Graduate in Occupational Therapy (BOT)
Fast Track Masters Degree 
• Master of Science (MSc)
• Doctoral Degree (PhD)
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