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  • Dr.  Arieh Moussaieff
Dr Arieh Moussaieff
Our laboratory studies the profound link between metabolism and cell fate in development and pathology:

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Our Vision

We aim to characterize metabolic networks in differentiating cells and regulate cell fate by metabolic modulation.
Using bespoke state of the art analytical instrumentation and bioinformatic tools, we are able to identify thousands of small molecules (metabolites) in a given sample.
Using stem cell technologies and other advanced cellular and multicellular models, we study the influence of the identified metabolic shifts on developmental and pathological processes.

Our Research

Our platform for metabolic analyses includes state of the art instrumentation (an in-house High resolution, High Mass Accuracy LC-MS, and high access to high resolution GC-MS and NMR instruments) and bioinformatic tools.
This platform results in a highly sensitive metabolic analysis, identifying thousands of metabolites in a single analysis.
earth map in loading plot colored by condition 
lab worker 
Laboratory equipment 
lab worker 

The Metabolic Maturation of Inner Cell Mass Cells

We use stem cell technology to study the link between metabolism and cell identity.
Microscope image of cell 

lab worker Using advance 3-dimentional culture modeling the implanted embryo 

Our Staff

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