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  • Prof.  Ann Saada Reisch
Dr Ann Saada Reisch
Research Interests
The Metabolic and Enzyme Laboratory diagnostic team, performs diagnosis of metabolic diseases (inborn errors of metabolism) while employing various analytical and biochemical techniques.
The research, mostly conducted by graduate students, is focused around the characterization, patho-mechanism and treatment of defined and new metabolic disorders with a special interest in mitochondrial diseases and the mitochondrial respiratory chain.
Current Lab members


Chaya Miller PhD, part-time research associate
Devorah Soiferman, PhD student
Liza Douiev, PhD student
Guy Keller, PhD student (joint with Prof. Ruth Gabizon)
Ahmad Mreisat, PhD (joint with Prof.Michal Horowitz )
Michael Edery, BSc student


Corinne Belaiche, MSc
Rosi Shwarz, MSc
Geto Mangistu, Lab Tech BA
Abed Golani, BSc
Polina Illin, BSc, BA
Elena Fatale, MSc
Sarah Weissman, MSc


Genya Aharon-Hananel, MD. PhD
Tzemach Aouzerath, BSc
Shelly Ben-Harush Nagari, MD
Phyllis Dan, PhD-Research Associate
Oshrat Eilon, MD
Anna Golubitzky, MSc
Aviram Kogot-Levin, PhD
Meital Lebowitz, MSc
Brit Moshe, MSc student
Nofar Perelman, BSc student
Leonor Romero, MSc
Idan Segal, MD
Shlomi Yahlomi, MD
Book chapters
Saada Reisch A, Elpeleg O. 2005. Mitochondrial DNA depletion. 171-193. In Focus on DNA research. Ed: Pappas J. Nova Sciences
Reisch AS, Elpeleg O. 2007 Enzymatic assays of TCA and PDHc. In mitochondria 2nd Ed , Eds Pon and Schon Academic Press USA. Methods in Cell Biology 80:199-222
Saada (Reisch) A. 2012. Complex subunits and assembly genes: Complex I In Mitochondrial disorders caused by nuclear genes. Ed:Wong L.J. Springer-Verlag 185-202
Chowers Y, Kerrison JB, Saada A. 2013. Mitochondrial and peroxisomal disorders. In Pediatric retina 2nd ed. Eds: Harnett M.E, Capone T, Caputo G, Keats B, Trese M. Wolters Kluwer/LipcottWilliams & Wilkins
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