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  • Prof.  Avi Domb
 Avi Domb
Brief CV


Law studies at the School of Law, Hebrew University, LLB.
Executive Business Administration, Hebrew University, Diploma.
Graduate Studies, Organic & Polymer Chem. Hebrew Univ., Ph.D.
Pharmacy Studies, Hebrew Univ. B.Pharm. Pharmacist license No. 003455.
Polymer and Textile Chemistry, Hebrew Univ. Diploma.
Chemistry, Bar-Ilan University, B.Sc.

Current Position

1991- Present
Professor, Biomaterials and Medicinal Chemistry, Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2014– 2016
President, Azrieli College of Engineering Jerusalem.

Positions Held

Head, Division of Identification and Forensic Sciences (DIFS), On leave from The Hebrew University.
Manager, R&D Laboratories, Nova Pharm. Corp., Baltimore, MD, USA.
Senior Scientist, Biological Institute, Ness-Ziona, Israel.
Research Associate at the Depart. Surgery, Harvard Medical School, and Depart. Chemical Engineerings, M.I.T., MA, USA (J. Folkman & R. Langer)
Postdoctoral Fellow at Syntex Research, Palo Alto, CA, USA

Awards (Past 10 years)

The Kaye Award for Innovation, Hebrew University of Jerusalem of Maze Water Purification System.
Chandra P. Sharma Award "Society for Biomaterials and Artificial Organs" [SBAOI].

Board of Journals and Organizations

  • Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Wiley, Editor in Chief, 2011-present
  • Scientific Board of the Controlled Release Society, 2001-present
  • Biomacromolecules, 2001-present
  • Journal of Bio reactive and Compatible Polymers, 2003-present
  • J. Controlled Release, Elsevier, board member, 2005-present.
  • Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews (ADDR), Elsevier, 2004-present.

Products Developed

Gliadel ™-brain tumor Implant (Guilford, USA); Superfloc HX-100 ™ poly(hydroxamic acid) flocculant (American Cyanamid, USA); Skedaddle ™-insect repellent for children (Minnetonka, MI, USA); Tadda ™-long acting moisturizer (Minnetonka, MI, USA); MAZE Water Maker ™- home/office water purification system (Strauss-Haier, China); Deximune ™- cyclosporin capsule (Dexcel, Israel); Canker Cover ™ – adhesive patch for canker sore (Quantum, USA); Oramoist ™ - adhesive patch for dry mouth (Quantum, USA); InSpace™ biodegradable balloon for orthopedic treatment (Orthospace, Israel); ProSpace™- biodegradable balloon for irradiation protection (Bioprotect, Israel).
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Research Interests
  • Synthesis, characterization and applications of biopolymers.
  • Medicinal and organic chemistry.
  • Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical chemistry
  • Controlled drug delivery.
  • Nanoparticles and nanoformulations.
  • Water purification systems, Bioactive polymers.
  • Scaffolds for tissue engineering.
  • Nucleic acid transfection agents.
  • Forensic Sciences.
Recent Publications
Poly (hexamethylene guanidine)-poly (ethylene glycol) solid blend for water microbial deactivation‏, O Aviv, N Amir, N Laout, S Ratner, A Basu, AJ Domb‏, Polymer Degradation and Stability 129, 2016, 239-245‏.
Poly (lactic acid) Based Hydrogels‏, A Basu, KR Kunduru, S Doppalapudi, AJ Domb, W Khan‏ Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2016, Published online
Injectable formulations of poly (lactic acid) and its copolymers in clinical use‏ A Jain, KR Kunduru, A Basu, B Mizrahi, AJ Domb, W Khan‏. Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews, 2016, Published online
Polymeric Sensors Containing P-Dimethylaminocinnamaldehyde: Colorimetric Detection of Urea Nitrate, KR Kunduru, A Basu, E Abtew, T Tsach, AJ Domb‏ Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2016, Published online
Alternating Poly (Ester-Anhydride) by Insertion Polycondensation‏ M Haim Zada, A Basu, T Hagigit, R Schlinger, M Grishko, A Kraminsky, Biomacromolecules, 2016, Published online
Preclinical Safety Evaluation in Rats of a Polymeric Matrix Containing an siRNA Drug Used as a Local and Prolonged Delivery System for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy‏, Y Ramot, S Rotkopf, RM Gabai, EZ Khvalevsky, S Muravnik, GA Marzoli, Toxicologic pathology, 2016, 0192623316645860‏
Stable polyanhydride synthesized from sebacic acid and ricinoleic acid‏ M Haim-Zada, A Basu, T Hagigit, R Schlinger, M Grishko, A Kraminsky, Journal of Controlled Release, 2016, Published online
Biocompatibility and safety of PLA and its copolymers‏, Y Ramot, MH Zada, AJ Domb, A Nyska‏. Advanced drug delivery reviews, 2016, Published online.‏
Glycopeptides Derived from Glucosaminic Acid. E Abtew, AJ Domb, A BASU‏, Polymer Chemistry, 2016, Published online
Cationic antimicrobial copolymer poly (methylmethacrylate-co-PHMG) decontaminates water‏. O Aviv, S Ratner, N Amir, N Laout, A Basu, H Shadmon, N Beyth, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, 2016, Published online
PEG-Biscyanoacrylate Crosslinker for Octyl Cyanoacrylate Bioadhesive‏, A Basu, I Veprinsky-Zuzulia, M Levinman, Y Barkan, J Golenser,Macromolecular rapid communications 37 (3), 251-256, 2016
Biodegradable polymers for targeted delivery of anti-cancer drugs‏, S Doppalapudi, A Jain, AJ Domb, W Khan‏, Expert opinion on drug delivery, 1-19, 2016‏
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