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  • Dr.  Daniel Sperling
Dr Daniel Sperling
Research fields
Health Policy & Management​
​Research and professional activity:
​Bioethics and Medical Ethics
​Health Policy, Equality & Justice in the Health System
​Reproductive Ethics
​Ethics and Social Issues of End-of-Life
Research Assistant to the Chairman of Israel National Bioethics Council, Professor Michel Revel
Research Assistant to Professor Lorne Sossin, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto
Research Assistant to Professor Peter Singer, Joint Centre for Bioethics, University of Toronto
Research Assistant and legal secretary to late Justice Haim Cohen, retired Vice President of the Supreme Court of Israel
2005- 2006                   
Lady Davis Research Fellow, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University    
2004- 2005
Visiting Researcher at the Cambridge Forum for Legal and Political  Philosophy, Faculty of Law, University of Cambridge, UK
2008- present
Senior Lecturer, The School of Public Policy and The School of Public Health, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Adjunct Faculty, Faculty of Law, University of Haifa
Lecturer, School of Law, Netanya Academic College
Adjunct Faculty, Faculty of Law, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Adjunct Faculty, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University
Tutor in the course of Medicine, Ethics and the Law, Churchill College, Newnham College, Girton College, University of Cambridge, UK
Teaching Assistant and Grader, Jurisprudence, Faculty of Law, Tel-Aviv University
2000 – 2001
Grader, Private International Law, Faculty of Law, Bar- Ilan University
1999 – 2000
Grader, Administrative Law, Faculty of Law, Hebrew University
Posthumous Interests: Legal and Ethical Perspectives (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008), 384 pp.
Management of Post-Mortem Pregnancy: Legal and Philosophical Aspects (Aldershot, Ashgate Publishing, 2006), 159pp. [Reviewed by Rebecca Bennett, 15(2) Med. L. Rev., 268-271]
Chapters in Books
“Talk to Whom? Redefining Autonomy in Pedro Almodovar’s Hable Con Ella” in Sandra Shapshay, ed., Bioethics through Film (Forthcoming with Johns Hopkins University Press, 2008) (in progress)
“Me or Mine? On Property from Personhood, Symbolic Existence and Motivation to Donate Organs” in W. Weimar, M.A. Bos, J.J. van Busschbach eds, Organ Transplantation: Ethical, Legal and Psychological Aspects – Towards a Common European Policy (Lengerich: PABST Science Publishers, 2008) 463-470
Daniel Sperling, “From Iran to Latin America: Must Prenatal Diagnosis Be Provided With Abortion For Congenital Abnormalities?” (Forthcoming in American Journal of Bioethics, 2009), 9(8) American Journal of Bioethics 61-63
Daniel Sperling, “Israel’s New Brain-Respiratory Death Act: One Step Forward or Two Steps Backward?” (Forthcoming in Reviews in the Neurosciences, 2009),  20(3-4) Reviews in the Neurosciences 299-306
Daniel Sperling, “Law and Bioethics: A Rights-Based Relationship and Its Troubling Implications” (2008) 11 Current Legal Issues 52-78
Daniel Sperling, “The Brain-Respiratory Death Act, 2008: Some Comments to the New Law” (2008) 38 The Journal of Medicine and Law 207-209 [in Hebrew]
Daniel Sperling, “Conscience, Principled Refusal and Ethics of Refusal to Provide Treatment to a Patient’s Request” Forthcoming in Harefuah  (2008) [in Hebrew]
Daniel Sperling, “Like Lilies in Clear Water: On the Law and Philosophy of Law of Justice Mishael Hechin” (2007) 6 Netanya Academic College Law Review 445-460 [in Hebrew]
Daniel Sperling, “Do Pregnant Women Have (Living) Will?” (2005), 8(2) Journal of Health Care Law & Policy 331-342
Daniel Sperling, “Maternal Brain-Death” (2004), 30(4) American Journal of Law and Medicine 453-500
Daniel Sperling, “Breaking Through the Silence: The Illegality of Performing Resuscitation Procedures on the Newly-Dead”, (2004), 13(2) Annals of Health Law 393-426
Daniel Sperling, “From the Dead to the Unborn: Is There An Ethical Duty to Save Life?”(2004), 23(3) Medicine and Law 567-586
Daniel Sperling,"Commanding the 'Be Fruitful and Multiply' Directive: Reproductive Law and Policy in Israel" (2010), 19(3) Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 363-371
Works Submitted for Publication
Daniel Sperling, “Reasoning the Reasons for Termination of Pregnancy: Following X v. The State of Israel” [in Hebrew]
Daniel Sperling, “Selecting (Only) for Therapeutic Reasons: Is There a Good Justification for The Medical Model?”
Daniel Sperling, “Socializing the Public: Invoking Hannah Arendt's Critique of Modernity to Evaluate Reproductive Technologies"
Daniel Sperling, “Ethics of Food Safety: Roles, Justifications and Expected Limits”
Works in Progress
Daniel Sperling, “Like Cases Alike? On The Right to Access Assisted Reproductive Technologies” (expected submission date: May, 2009)
Daniel Sperling, “Prenatal Genetic Tests: Some Ethical Quandaries and Policy Issues” (Expected submission date: June, 2009)
Daniel Sperling, “Political and Legal Policing of Motivation to Donate Organs: Many Attempts with Little Success” (expected submission date: May, 2009)
Non-Refereed Publications
“Do the Dead Have Rights? (2006) 2 Innovate 8
“Due Process and the Dignity of the Dead” (2003) 4(4) Ultra Vires 9
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Grants, Fellowships and Academic Honors
2009-2010​ ​Soroka University Medical Center Research Grant
​2009 ​Faculty member grant, The Levi Eshkol Institute for Social, Economic and Political Research in Israel
​2008-2009 ​Golda Meir Fellowship Lectureship Award


​Canada Institutes for Health Research Fellowship
Lady Davis Graduate Fellowship



​Canada Institutes for Health Research Fellowship
The Lucille Norris Graduate Fellowship
Strauss Fellowship in Law & Biotechnology
Kenneth Lindsay Scholarship Grant
​2004 ​International Human Rights Program Faculty-Funded Internship


​Canada Institutes for Health Research Fellowship
Bell University Laboratories Graduate Fellowship
2003 ​ ​Canadian Bioethics Society Student Competition Award

2002-2003 ​

The Lucille Norris Graduate Fellowship
Faculty of Law Fellowship, University of Toronto
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