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  • Danit Langer
Danit Langer
Research interests
  • Hand therapy
  • Burns treatment
  • Orthopedic rehabilitation
  • Injury and accident prevention
​Langer, D., Luria, S., Erez, A. B. H., Michailevich, M., Rogev, N., & Maeir, A. (2015). Stenosing Flexor Tenosynovitis: Validity of Standard Assessment Tools of Daily Functioning and Quality of Life. Journal of Hand Therapy.‏ 
Langer, D., Luria, S., Maeir, A., & Erez, A. (2014). Occupation‐based Assessments and Treatments of Trigger Finger: A Survey of Occupational Therapists from Israel and the United States. Occupational therapy international, 21(4), 143-155.‏
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