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  • Prof.  David Chinitz
Prof David Chinitz
Research and professional activity
David Chinitz holds a PHD in Public Policy Analysis from the University of Pennsylvania. He moved to Israel in 1981 and has served as Head of the Social Sciences Division of the Ministry of Science, Senior Staff Person for the State Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the Israeli Health System, Senior Researcher at the JDC/Brookdale Institute, and is currently a Professor of Health Policy and Management in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Economics of the School of Public Health. He serves as a consultant to the World Health Organization,  has also been Scientific Chair of the European Health Management Association, and is currently President of the International Society for Priority Setting in Health Care. He teaches courses in health management, comparative health systems, public policy, and qualitative research methods . He is active in the Israel National Institute for Health Policy Research as a grantee, associate journal editor, and conference organizer. 
Chinitz' work focuses on applications of institutional economics to health policy issues such as rationing, physician involvement in management, organization of cancer services, mental health reform and comparative health system reform. He teaches courses in public policy, health management, qualitative research methods, and comparative health system reform.
Chinitz D (1981) Federally Funded Applied Social Research: A Comparative Institutional Analysis  and Case Study. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan (microfilm).
Edited Books
Chinitz, D. and Cohen, M. (eds.) (1993). The Changing Roles of Government and the Market in Health Care Systems. Jerusalem: JDC/Brookdale Institute.
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Chapters in books
Chinitz, D., Shalev,C., and Israeli, A. (2000). Health Care Reform and Rationing: an Update from Israel.   Buckingham:    Open University Press.
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Peer Reviewed Articles 
Chinitz, D  and Israeli, A. (1999).Rationing-How and Who? Journal of the Israel Medical Association, Vol. 1 No. 3 pp 210-213
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Kahan NR,  Chinitz DP,   Kahan E. (2004). Physician adherence to recommendations for duration of empiric antibiotic treatment for uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women: a national drug utilization analysis. Pharmacoepidemiol Drug Saf. (4):239-42.
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Cohen M, Chinitz D, Dietrich A, Brezis M Modeling Herd Behavior and Herd Immunity (under review)
Peer reviewed articles in Hebrew 
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Book Reviews 
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Research Reports and Working Papers 
Chinitz D, Rosen B (1993) A Tale of Two Markets: Hospital Competition in  Jerusalem  and  Tel Aviv, JDC/Brookdale Insitute
Rosen B, Chinitz D. Who Should Choose Where Patients Will Be Hospitalized? An Analysis of Policy Options. JDC/Brookdale Institute.
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Chinitz D (2005), “What You See From Here Is Not What You See From There: Convergence and Dynamism in European Health Systems.”, Working Paper 1/2005, Portuguese Association of Health Economics, 14 pages.
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