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  • Prof.  Elka Touitou
prof Elka Touitou
Research Interests Delivery to Brain from Phospholipid Magnesome versus Controls Skin penetration of a fluorescent molecule (FITC) delivered from a new enhancing carrier tested by CLSM
  • Nasal drug delivery to brain and for systemic diseases treatment
  • New technologies for cannabinoid formulations
  • After- sun palliative formulations
  • Dermal and transdermal drug delivery: enhancers and mechanism of action, enhanced delivery of peptides and other drugs through biological membranes
  • New non-penetrating skin booster for sunscreens in cosmetic formulations
Research Projects
  • Enhanced administration of drugs to brain by new designed nasal carriers
  • New technologies for cannabinoid formulations
  • New sanitizer concept and compositions
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Inventor of Ethosomes, a novel technology for safe and enhanced dermal and transdermal delivery

Advisory Board member of startups


  • Delivery of cannabinoids
  • Formulations and testing of dermal and transdermal products
  • Tattoo removal methods and technology
  • Methods for quantitating drugs in the skin
  • Novel and generic dermal formulations
  • Ethosomes for design of topical and transdermal formulations
  • Design of new carriers for nasal and topical compositions
  • Cannabis cosmetic products


The Pharmaceutical Society of Israel Honorary Award
Best teacher of the year
Kaye Award for Innovation
Jorge Heller 2000 JCR Outstanding Paper Award
Outstanding Paper Award – Drug Delivery to the 3rd Millennium Conference (Italy)
Honoree Women Pharmacist of the World

Reviewer for International Institutional Grants

Italian Ministry of Research and Universities
Arthritis Research Campaign (UK)
Research Founds Committee (FWF, Austria)
Ministry of Health (Israel)
Ministry of Agriculture (Israel)
Ministry of Science (Israel)
Binational Science Foundation (Israel-US)
ISF (Israel)

Keynote Speaker at International Meetings (most recent)

CNS Diseases Treatment by Nasal Administration of Drugs Using a Novel Technology for Direct Delivery to Brain. Annual Congress on Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand, November 2018
Phospholipids - Ethanol Combinations as Carriers for Enhanced Drug Delivery. BIT’s 3rd Annual World Congress of Smart Materials (WCSM), Bangkok, Thailand, March 2017

Invited Professor at Universities (most recent)

2017: Nasal delivery of drugs, Chula University, Bangkok, Thailand
2016: Topical delivery systems, Chula University, Bangkok, Thailand
2015: Dermal and transdermal new delivery systems, Chula University, Bangkok, Thailand
2014: Carriers for topical skin formulations course, Siam University, Bangkok, Thailand

Public Responsibilities and Committees

Public Representative, Appointment Committee (Ministry of Health)
Member of the Advisory Committee to the Ministry of Health for Cosmetic products registration, Israel
Skin Bioavalability Committee (Ministry of Health)
Adviser Committee for Curriculum (ORT Givat-Ram High School, Jerusalem Municipality)
Committee for updating the Pharmaceutical Law, Ministry of Heath

Professional Honors

CRS Fellow
Member at Large, Board of Directors, CRS
President – Israeli Chapter of CRS (ICRS)
Member of Awards Committee, CRS
Board - Israeli Chapter of CRS (ICRS)
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Recent Publications

Touitou E, Natsheh H, Duchi S. Buspirone Nanovesicular Nasal System for Non-Hormonal Hot Flushes Treatment. Pharmaceutics.,10(3):82, 2018.
Natsheh H, Touitou E. Phospholipid Magnesome—a nasal vesicular carrier for delivery of drugs to brain. Drug Deliv. Transl. Res., 8(3): 806-819, 2018.
Allon I, Touitou E. Scrolls: novel microparticulate systems for enhanced delivery to/across the skin. Drug Deliv. Transl. Res., 6(2): 24-37, 2016.
Cohen G, Natsheh H, Sunny Y, Bawiec CR, Touitou E, Lerman M, Lazarovici P, Lewin PA. Enhanced Therapeutic Anti-Inflammatory Effect of Betamethasone on Topical Administration with Low-Frequency, Low-Intensity (20 kHz, 100 mW/cm(2)) Ultrasound Exposure on Carrageenan-Induced Arthritis in a Mouse Model. Ultrasound Med Biol., 41(9): 2449-2457, 2015.
Zailer J, Touitou E. Pouch Drug Delivery Systems for Dermal and Transdermal Administration. Drug Deliv. Transl. Res., 4(5-6): 416-428, 2014.
Touitou E, Ainbinder D. Ethosomes - an innovative carrier for enhanced delivery into and across the skin: Original research article: Ethosomes - novel vesicular carriers for enhanced delivery: characterization skin penetration properties, 2000. J. Control. Rel., 190:44-46, 2014.
Duchi S, Ovadia H, Touitou E. Nasal Administration of Drugs as a New Non-Invasive Strategy for Efficient Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis. J. Neuroimmunol., 258(1-2): 32-40, 2013.
Touitou E, Illum L. Nasal Drug Delivery. Drug Deliv. Transl. Res., 3(1): 1-3, 2013.
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Shumilov M, Touitou E. Buspirone transdermal administration for menopausal syndromes, in vitro and in animal model studies. Int. J. Pharm., 387(1-2): 26-33, 2010.
Ainbinder D, Protokin R, Chaouat M, Touitou E. Effect of honokiol and 5-FU on non-melanoma skin cancer cells, J. Drug Del. Sci. Tech., 19(4): 283-287, 2009.
Shumilov M, Touitou E, Godin B, Ainbinder D, Yosha I, Tsahor-Ohayon H. Evaluation of a polysiloxane-collagen biphasic membrane: a model for in vitro skin permeation studies, J. Drug Del. Sci. Tech., 19(4): 289-294, 2009.
Touitou E, Godin B, Shumilov M, Bishouty N, Ainbinder D, Shouval R, Ingber A, Leibovici V. Efficacy and tolerability of clindamycin phosphate and salicylic acid gel in the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris, J. Eur. Acad. Dermatol. Venereol., 22(5): 629-631, 2008.
Touitou E, Godin B., Skin nonpenetrating sunscreens for cosmetic and pharmaceutical formulations, Clin. Dermatol., 26(4): 375-379, 2008.

Books Edited

Touitou E, Barry BW. (Eds.), Enhancement in Drug Delivery, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, Boca Raton-London-New York, 2006.
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Touitou E. Semisolid Systems for Application on the Skin- Lab Booklet for B. Pharm Students, HUJI, 2004, New Edition 2012.

Book Chapters

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Touitou E. Compositions and methods for transdermal administration of cannabinoids
Touitou E. Compositions for nail and skin treatment
Touitou E. Sanitizing compositions
Touitou E, Godin B, Duchi S. Compositions for nasal delivery of cannabinoids and drugs
Touitou E. Method and composition for burned skin
Touitou E, Godin B. In vitro test for predicting pharmacologic and/or pharmacokinetic and/or pharmacodynamic parameters of a compound
Touitou E, Bergelson L. Products for preventing penetration into the skin
Touitou E. Composition for applying active substances to or through the skin
Touitou E. Compositions for applying active substances to or through the skin
Davis JD, Touitou E, Rubinstein A. Targeted enternal delivery system
Touitou E. Transdermal antiemetic compositions containing a cannabinol derivative
Davis D, Touitou E, Rubinstein A. Insulin Pharmac. Dosage Forms
Touitou E, Rubinstein A. Insulin Pharmac. Dosage Forms
Goldberg AH, Touitou E. Pharmaceutical composition for interferon application
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