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  • Dr.  Eylon Yavin
Scientific Interests​ 
        ·       Developing strategies for efficient and sequence-specific DNA modifying agents. Site specific cleavage of RNA and DNA will
               be sought by developing novel chemical nucleases and PDT-directed cleavage agents, respectively.
        ·      PNA based molecular beacons
        ·      siRNA delivery
        ·      Chemically stabilized siRNA for improved gene silencing.
        ·      Developing site-specific anti-cancer agents to the mitochondria.
Research Projects 
Current projects include:
Photo-dynamic therapy based on anti-gene recognition: Developing DNA-dye conjugates for the direct and site-specific photocleavage of DNA.
Chemical nucleases based on a cyclic peptide scaffold.
The synthesis of novel PNA based MB's for early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
Improved stability and delivery of siRNA for efficient gene regulation.
Anti-cancer agents targeted to mitochondria.

Active collaborations include:
Prof. Israel Ringel on the development of anti-cancer agents targeting the mitochondria.
Prof. Chezy Barenholz on siRNA delivery based on modified peptides.
Profs. Simon Benita and Philip Lazarovici on siRNA delivery based on nano-encapsulated NP's.
Prof. Avri Rubinstein on the development of PNA based molecular beacons.
Prof. Joshua Katzhendler on the development of novel PNA's.


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