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  • Prof.  Haim Sohmer
Prof Haim Sohmer
Research Interests
Auditory physiology
Auditory nerve brainstem evoked responses (ABR)
ABR in hearing loss
Mechanisms of inner ear activation by sound.
Recent Projects
Mechanisms of bone conduction stimulation
Hearing under water
Hearing in the free field
Lab Members
Cahtia Adelman, PhD
Ronen Perez, MD
Shai Chordekar, PhD student
Selected Publications
Bone conduction activation through soft tissues following complete immobilization of the ossicular chain, stapes footplate and round window., Ronen Perez, Cahtia Adelman, Haim Sohmer. Hearing Research 280 (2011)
Several Mechanical Manipulations of the Wall of the Inner Ear Do Not Affect Air and Bone Conduction Auditory Thresholds., Ronen Perez, Cahtia Adelman, Haim Sohmer., Annals of Otology. Rhinology & Laryngology 120:66-70, 2011
Mutual cancellation between tones presented by air conduction, by bone conduction and by non-osseous (soft tissue) bone conduction., Shai Chordekar, Leonid Kriksunov, Liat Kishon-Rabin, Cahtia Adelman, Haim Sohmer. Hearing Research
Interactions in the cochlea between air conduction and osseous and non-osseous bone conduction stimulation., Cahtia Adelman, Rachel Fraenkel, Leonid Kriksunov, Haim Sohmer, Eur Arch Otorhinolaryngol (2012) 269:425–429  


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