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  • Prof.  Hanah Margalit
Prof Hanah Margalit
Research Interests
We study regulation of gene expression by non-coding RNAs (small RNAs (sRNAs) in bacteria and miRNAs in eukaryotes), and its integration with transcription regulation and protein-protein interactions.
Our laboratory is interdisciplinary, combining state-of-the-art wet-lab experiments with advanced computational analyses.
Our projects include: deciphering sRNA-target interactions at a transcriptome-wide scale; implications of competition between target mRNAs over binding to their sRNA (miRNA) co-regulator; regulatory circuits involving small RNAs and transcription factors; new mechanisms of action of miRNAs and sRNAs; involvement of miRNAs in virus-host interaction; cleavage patterns of RNA nucleases in the cell.
The projects in the lab are conducted either by lab members with interdisciplinary background in computer science and life sciences, or by fruitful collaborations between lab members with complementary backgrounds in life sciences, medical sciences, computer science, and physics.
Lab Website Courses
  • 72677 - Bioinformatics: Computerized Analysis of Biological Sequences
  • 76554 - Computational Methods in Molecular Biology Lab
  • 76556 - Seminar in Research Methods in Computational Biology
  • 81865 - From Networks to Molecules
  • 94665 - Bioinformatics: Basic Sequence Analysis Tools
  • 94613 - The Genomic Revolution
  • 94615 - Clinical and Scientific Implications of the Genomic Revolution
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