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  • Prof.  Jaime Kapitulnik
Prof Jaime Kapitulnik
    Research Projects 
            ·       Genetic polymorphisms of cytochromes P450 in the Israeli population
            ·       Drug metabolizing enzymes: cytochromes P450 (role in bilirubin excretion)
            ·       Improvement of wound healing
            ·       Interactions between keratinocytes and mast cells/eosinophils
            ·       Regulation of keratinocyte proliferation, apoptosis and differentiation during skin aging
            ·       Jaundice: treatment; diagnosis and prevention of bilirubin encephalopathy ​
     Chapters and reviews in books and proceedings
    Zilberman, Y. and Kapitulnik, J., Remodelling and aging processes in skin, in: Biological and Social Aspects of Aging (in Hebrew), Rosin, A. and Globerson, A., eds., Eshel Publishers, Israel, in press.
    Levi-Schaffer, F., Tzomik, L. and Kapitulnik, J., Keratinocytes prolong mast cell survival in culture, ICACI XVI, Cancun, Mexico, 1997. All. Clin. Immunol. Int. 235(suppl. 4):67.
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