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  • Dr.  Maayan Salton
Dr Maayan Salton
Research Interests
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We are interested in the epigenetic regulation of pre-mRNA splicing. Our lab uses molecular biology techniques and high-throughput sequencing to uncover the layers of alternative splicing regulation. Previous work from our lab demonstrated the therapeutic potential of modulating alternative splicing in cancer.
diagram of pre mRNA splicing diagram of intensities channel 1 replicate 1
Findings by us and others have raised the intriguing possibility that epigenetic mechanisms not only control gene expression but also determine alternative pre-mRNA splicing patterns. Although the molecular mechanisms linking chromatin and alternative splicing have begun to unravel, our understanding of the physiological causes and consequence of chromatin-mediated changes in alternative splicing is still rudimental.
diagram of Modifications of chromatin structure  
Modifications of chromatin structure are known to occur following changes in cellular environment and as an adaptation to altered physiological conditions. In our lab we seek to broaden the understanding of cellular plasticity by studying the regulatory mechanisms of alternative pre-mRNA splicing in physiological and pathological contexts. We wish to pin point the impact of alternative splicing regulation in response to a modified chromatin environment and to understand what part of the cellular response to the physiological cue is mediated by alternative splicing.

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Lab Members Open positions
We seek talented MSc and PhD students as well as Postdoctoral fellows.
A main focus of our lab is to train the next generation of scientists. We have created an environment that promotes learning and personal growth in a collaborative and supportive atmosphere. If you are self-motivated and looking for a nurturing lab to grow in contact us at maayan.salton at
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