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  • Prof.  Marta Weinstock-Rosin
Prof Marta Weinstock Rosin
Scientific Interest  
        ·       Development of novel bifunctional drugs for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia.
        ·       Neurochemical, behavioral and genetic effects of prenatal stress.
    Prof. Avri Rubenstein, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
    Prof. Michal Lineal,  Hebrew University, Jerusalem
    Prof. Avraham Nudelman, Bar-Ilan University
    Laboratory Techniques  
    Genetics and proteomics of prenatal stress.
    Rat behavioral tests: (a) Tests of Spatial and episodic memory; (b) Tests of anxiety and depressive activity.
    In vivo and tissue culture models of neuronal damage involving oxidative stress.
    Kinetic analysis of cholinesterase inhibition by aromatic carbamates.
    Brain immunohistochemistry
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    Phenylethylamine Derivatives: U.S patent No.US 6,251,938, B1: June 26 2001.
    Aminindan Derivatives: U.S patent No.US 6,303,650,  B1: Oct 16 2001.
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