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  • Dr.  Michal Liebergall
Dr Michal Liebergall
Dr. Michal-Hana Liebergall (Wishcnitzer) PhD
Clinical senior lecturer, Henrietta Szold   School of Nursing, in the Faculty of Medicine, Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Center
Midwife, Hadassah  Ein Kerem delivery room
Hadassah Pelvic  floor-perineal clinic coordinator, Ein Kerem/ Mount Scopus
Paula method instructor
Research area:
pelvic floor weakness
urinary incontinence
health promotion and women's health
birth trauma
Paula method
1. Liebergall, M. (2010) The effectiveness of Paula method/ Pelvic Floor Muscle Training as treatment for urinary stress    incontinence and it's implication on Quality of life. In Sarid, O., Segal-Angelechin, D., & Cwikel, J. (Eds.), "Body and mind: Women's  health in Israel": A book follow the Third national  conference on promoting mental health among women (pp.505-525). Israel: Ben-Gurion University (in Hebrew).
2. Braverman, N., (editor&writer)., Vinograd,O., Liebergall, M., Levy, M., Mohaban,K., Nokrian,M., Tel-Oren, A. Labour (2011) In Tamir, T. (Ed.), Women and their Bodies (PP.473-504). Israel: Modan (in Hebrew).
3. Lubovsky, E., writer. Liebergal, M.(2012). Evidence based midwifery.
        Private publication.
 (Categories: Principal investigator PI, Co - Principal investigator CO-PI, Co-researcher C)
Articles  in refereed journals
1.   Liebergall-Wischnitzer, M PI, Hochner-Celnikier, D  CO-PI, Lavy, Y  C, Manor, O  C, Arbel, R  C, Paltiel, O PI. (2005) Paula method of circular muscle exercises for urinary stress incontinence-a clinical trial. International Urogynecology Journal.16:345-351.
2.    Liebergall, MH  PI, Braverman, CO-PI, Shapira, S  C, Rotem-Piker  C, O, Mor-Yosef, S  C. (2007) The role of nurses in a university hospital during mass casualty events. American Journal Critical Care, 16,480-484.
3.   Liebergall-Wischnitzer, M  PI, Hochner- Celnikier, D CO-PI, Lavy, Y  C, Manor, O  C, Svieky, D  C, Paltiel, O PI. (2009) Randomized trial of circular muscle versus pelvic floor exercises for stress urinary incontinence in women. Journal of women's health,
4.    Liebergall-Wischnitzer, M  PI, Paltiel  CO-PI, O Hochner- Celnikier, D  C, Lavy, Y  C, Svieky, D  C, Manor, O PI. (2010) The concordance between a one hour pad test and subjective assessment of stress incontinence. Urology, 76, 1364-1368.
5.     Halperin, O PI, Goldblat, H PI, Noble, A C, Raz, I C, Zvulunov. I C, Liebergall Wischnitzer, M CO-PI . (2011) "That marks you for the rest of your life": The impact of stressful childbirth situations on midwives – A qualitative analysis. Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health, 56, 388-394.
6. Liebergall-Wischnitzer, M  PI, Paltiel, O C, Hochner-Celnikier, D C, Lavy, Y C, Manor, O C, Woloski Wruble, A. C PI. (2011) Sexual function and quality of life for women with mild-moderate stress urinary incontinence. Journal of Midwifery & Women's Health, 56 (5), 461-467.
7.  Michal Liebergall-Wischnitzer  PI, Assaf Ben-Meir C,Orly Sarid C, Julie Cwikel C,Yuval Lavy  PI. Women’s well-being after Manchester procedure for pelvic reconstruction  with uterine preservation: A follow up study. (2011). Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics, 285 (6),1587-1592.
8.   Michal Liebergall- Wischnitzer  PI, Ora Paltiel C, Drorith Hochner Celnikier C, Yuval LavyC, Orly Manor C,  Anna C. Woloski Wruble PI. Sexual function and quality of life of women with stress urinary incontinence: A randomized controlled trial comparing the Paula method (circular muscle exercises) to pelvic floor muscle training exercises. Journal of sexual medicine, 9(6), 1613-1623.
9.    Michal Liebergall- Wischnitzer  PI, Ora Paltiel C, Yuval Lavy C,David Svieky  C,  Orly Manor C, Drorith Hochner Celnikier PI. (2012). Long-term efficacy of Paula Method as compared with PFMT for Stress Urinary Incontinence in women: A 6-month follow-up. Accepted, Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing.
1.  Michal Liebergall-Wischnitzer PI (2011) The Paula method and the pelvic floor. Comment. International Urogynecology Journal 22 (6): 681.
Reviews, Commentaries, Hypotheses, Editorials:
1.    Liebergall, M PI, Lavy, y PI. (2009) Different interventions during birth and delivery and their connection to pelvic floor damage. Harefuah, (in Hebrew), 148, 12, 837-841. (Review).
2.    Braverman N PI, Liebergall, M PI. (2010) Evidence based practice: prenatal and postnatal pelvic floor muscle training. Ha'achot b'Yisrael (in Hebrew), 182, 42-44. (Review)
3.    Kater, V PI, Liebergall, M PI. (2010) Health Promotion in Kenya: A Volunteer Nurse's Experience. Clin Nurse Specialist
Other Publications:
1. Liebergall, M. (1990). Postnatal sexuality. Midwifery, Spring, 20-21. (in Hebrew). (Review)
2. Liebergall, M. (2004). Physical activity during pregnancy and postnatal   period. (In Hebrew).
3. Liebergall, M. (2009). Conservative treatment for pelvic floor muscles  for menopausal and post menopausal women. In: Women in middle life, Dolev, Z ed. Aurora, Medical Publications, 49-50. (Review)
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