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  • Prof.  Naomi Weintraub
Dr.  Naomi Weintraub
Research Areas
  • Quality of school life: perceptions of children, parents and teachers
  • Improvement of the quality of life and participation of children in school and in the community
  • Children with learning disorders, primarily dysgraphia: assessment, intervention and the influence on the child’s participation in school
  • Handwriting: what does it entail?
  • Development of handwriting assessments
  • Development of intervention programs for children with handwriting difficulties and assessment of their efficacy
  • Keyboarding: what does it entail and how does it aid children with writing difficulties?
  • Quality of life and participation of children with disabilities
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Chapters In Books
Function of children with cerebral palsy and the role of occupational therapists in the school system: Paradigmatic changes in view of theory and research. 2007.Schenker, R., Weintraub, N., & Parush, S. In G. Avissar, Leyser, Y., & S. Reiter (Eds.). Inclusiveness: Learners with Disabilities in Education. Haifa: Achva.
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Assessment Instruments
Weintraub, N. and Bar-Haim-Erez, A. (2004). Quality of Life in School Questionnaire (QoLS)
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