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  • Prof.  Patricia Smith
Prof Patricia Smith

Curriculum Vitae


Born 1936, London;

B.D.S. 1961, Univ. of London;

L.D.S., R.C.S. (Eng.) 1961;

Ph.D. 1970, Univ. of Chicago;

Lect. 1970;

Sen. Lect. 1973;

Assoc. Prof. 1978;

Prof. 1983;

Professor Emeritus 2006- ;

Laboratory of Bioanthropology and ADNA 


Research Interests


        ·       Human evolution

        ·       Skeletal biology

        ·       Craniofacial development  
Recent Publications


Zilberman, U., Smith, P., Piperno, M. and Condemi, S. (2004). Evidence of amelogenesis imperfecta in an Early African Homo erectus. J Hum Evol. 46: 647-653

Zilberman, U., Smith, P., Kupietzky, A., Mass, E. (2004): The effect of hereditary disorders on tooth components: A radiographic morphometric study of two syndromes. Arch Oral Biol . 49:621-629.

Avishai, G., Muller, R., Gabet, Y., Bab , I. , Zilberman, U., Smith, P. (2004): New approach to quantify developmental variation in the dentition using serial microtomographic imaging. Microsc Res Tech. 65:263-269.

Smith P, Avishai G. (2005). The use of dental criteria for estimating postnatal survival in skeletal remains of infants. J Archaeol Sci 32: 83-89.

Zilberman U , Condemi S , Smith P. (2005) Evidence for genetic disorder affecting tooth formation in Garba IV child. In: Chavaillon J , Piperno M , editors. Studies on the Early Palaeolithic Site of Melka Kunture , Ethiopia . Florence: Instituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protoistoria. p 703-713.

Smith, P., Nebel, A. and Faerman, M. 2005. The Bio-anthropology of the Inhabitants of Middle and Late Bronze Age Yoqne'am. In: A. Ben-Tor , D. Ben-Ami and A. Livneh (eds.) Yoqne'am III: The Middle and Late Bronze Ages , chapter 15. Pp. 383-394.

Keinan, D., Smith, P., Zilberman, U. (2006): Microstructure and chemical composition of primary teeth in children with Down syndrome and cerebral palsy. Arch Oral Biol. 51:836-843.

Faerman, M., Formicola, V., Maggi, R., Gazit, L., Smith, P. 2006. DNA analysis of human and animal skeletal remains from Arene Candide Cave , Liguria , Italy . In: F. Martini (ed.) "La Cultura del Morire nelle Societa Preistoriche e Protostoriche Italiane", Serie della Collana Origines, n. 3. Firenze: Instituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostoria, pp. 305-314.

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Smith, P., Muller, R., Gabet, Y., Avishai, G. (2007): A computerized model for reconstruction of dental ontogeny: A new tool for studying evolutionary trends in dentition. In: S.E. Bailey and J.-J. Hublin (eds.). Dental Perspectives on Human Evolution: State of the Art Research in Dental Paleoanthropology. Springer, pp. 275-278.

Faerman, M. and Smith, P. 2008. Anthropological and taphonomic analyses of skeletal remains from PPNC Ashkelon. In: Y. Garfinkel and D. Dag (eds .). Neolithic Ashkelon (Qedem Monographs 47). Jerusalem : Institute of Archaeology of the Hebrew University , pp. 223-233.

Faerman, M. and Smith, P. 2008. Has society changed its attitude to infants and children? Evidence from archaeological sites in the Southern Levant . In: F. Gusi , S., Muriel , C. Olària (coords.) "Nasciturus: Infans, Puerulus. Vobis Mater Terra. La Muerte en la Infancia ". Servei d'Investigacions Arqueològiques i Prehistòriques (SIAP ): Diputació de Castelló, pp. 211-229

Faerman, M., Kahila Bar-Gal, G., Filon, D., Greenblatt, C.L., Stager, E.L., Oppenheim, A., Smith, P. 2008. 29. DNA analysis of infant human remains in the Grid 38 bathhouse. In: L.E. Stager, J.D. Schloen, D.M. Master (eds.). Ashkelon 1. Introduction and Overview (1985-2006) . Winona Lake , Indiana : Eisenbrauns, Harvard Semitic Museum Publications, pp. 537-540.

Smith P. 2008. Human remains from the Babylonian destruction of 604 b.c. In: L. E. Stager , J.D. Schloen and D.M. masters (eds.) Ashkelon I. Winona Lake , Indiana : Eisenbrauns. Pp. 533-535.

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Smith P. and Horwitz L.K. 2009. A synthetic approach to the study of diet, health and disease in an Ottoman period population from Palestine . Al-Rafidan 30: 78-106.  

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