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  • Prof.  Raphael Gorodetsky
Prof. Raphael Gorodetsky
Assoc Professor, Hebrew University Jerusalem, Faculty of Medicine
Other Recent Affiliations
Founder & Chief Scientist, Hapto Biotech Israel, 2000-2009
(A subdivision of Forticell Bioscience NY from 2007)
Present Position
Head of Laboratory of Biotechnology and Radiobiology, in the Cancer Research Laboratories
Sharett Institute of Oncology, Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital
Scientific Interests 
Fibrin based technologies for adult stem cells isolation expansion and implantation
Progenitor cell based implants for tissue regeneration
Fibrin-related family of new cell binding and penetrating peptides (Haptides) to coat matrices and for enhancing penetration and transfection of drugs, materials, liposomes and viruses into cells. Studies on mechanism of action and applications
Effect of Haptides and fibrin degradation products on the cardiovascular system
Technologies for cell delivery
Radiobiology. Effect of ionizing radiation on normal tissues
Bioengineering: Assembly of devices to non-invasively measure the physical properties of the skin
Development of bead-based anticancer immunotherapy
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1985-1988: Post Doctoral Program and Research Associate in Radiobiological Sciences, UCLAMedical Center, Laboratories of Experimental Radiation Oncology. Supervisor: H. Rodney Withers, M.D., D.Sc.,
1980-1985: Ph.D. (Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research) Hadassah Medical School and Institute of Life Sciences, Hebrew University Jerusalem: Dissertation: "Correlation of trace elements content in blood fractions with metastatic spread in malignant diseases" Supervisors:  Z. Fuks, M.D., H. Ginsburg, Ph.D.
1974-1979: M.Sc., (Physiology and Neurobiology), with distinction, Hebrew University Jerusalem.Thesis:" In-vivo analysis of the dissolution of intra-ocular copper foreign bodies; comparison with electroretinography and ophthalmoscopy. Supervisors: A. Weinreb, Ph.D., (Physics) and U. Inon, Ph.D., (Neurobiology).
1971-1974: B.Sc. (Biology), Hebrew University,Jerusalem. 
Chapters in BooksGorodetsky, R. and Withers, H.R. Assay of late radiation damage in mouse skin as expressed by wound healing. in: "Frontiers in Radiation Biology". Editor: E. Riklis. VCH and Balaban Publishers, pp 125-131 (1990).
Gorodetsky, R., Vexler, A. and Marx, G. Fibrin Microbeads (FMB) for wound healing and tissue engineering of skin. In Cultured Human Keratinocytes and Tissue Engineered Skin Substitutes, RE Horch, MunsterAM & Achauer BM Editors, Georg Thieme Verlag, 2001
Gorodetsky, R. A sensitive non-invasive analysis of trace elements in external tissues in clinical practice. In: "Trace Elements in Man and Animals", Editors: Anke M., D. Meissner C.F. Mills. Verlag Media Touristik Publishers., Germany, pp 75-80 (1993).
Gorodetsky, R., Vexler, A, Levdansky L. and Marx G.: Fibrin Microbeads (FMB) as biodegradable carriers for culturing cells and for accelerating wound healing. In Biopolymer Methods in Tissue Engineering, Editors A. Hollander and P. Hatton, p.11-23. Humana Press, 2004
Gorodetsky, R. Promises and limitations in the application of cell therapy for tissue regeneration, Chapter 1 and Introduction, in Stem Cell Based Tissue Repair, Royal Society of Chemistry, (RSC) Publishing, Thomas Graham House, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2010
Gorodetsky, R.,  Iris Mironi-Harpaz, and Dror Seliktar. Fibrin based matrices to support stem cells based tissue regeneration. Chapter 8 in Stem Cell Based Tissue Repair, Royal Society of Chemistry, (RSC) Publishing, Thomas Graham House, Cambridge, United Kingdom, 2010
Bahseer M. & Gorodetsky R.: A selection of cationic cell penetrating peptides mediate hemodynamic changes through mast cells activation. In "Histamines: Synthesis, Pharmacology and Clinical Uses". Nova Science Publishers, 2012.
Book authorship:
R. Gorodetsky and R. Schaefer, eds.: Stem Cell Based Tissue Repair, Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Publishing, Thomas Graham House, Cambridge, UK, 2010.
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ConferencesMore than 120 abstracts in National and International meetings, More than 20 invited keynote lectures in international meetings and conferences in recent 10 years
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PatentsAuthor and co-author of 20 Patents in Biotechnology worldwide
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