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  • Prof.  Ron Kohen
Prof  Ron Kohen

Research Interest


        · Antioxidants, (mechanism, natural compounds, new designed antioxidants); 

        · New hypotheses concerning the way antioxidants act in vivo; 

        · Regulation of the antioxidant network; 

        · Delivery of antioxidants;

        · The role of oxidative stress in the aging process (brain, skin, intestinal tract);

        · Biological redox potential and new approaches for evaluating biological redox state;

        · ROS-related diseases; 

        · Development of new methodologies in the field;

Research Projects 
Can exogenous antioxidants modulate the total antioxidant capacity of the organism?
Oxidation in the gastrointestinal tract and its relevance to various diseases.
The existence of a common mechanism for different types of stress.
How do antioxidants work in vivo?
New approaches for quantification of the biological redox state.
Oxidation processes in the brain and its relevance to brain pathologies. 
Laboratory Techniques
Tissue culture
Spectroscopy methods (E.g. Electron spin resonance, UV, Fluorescence, Chemiluminescence)
Separation techniques
Cell biology techniques
Animal models of disease states associated with oxidation
In vitro simulation of biological oxidation process
Electrochemical techniques (E.g. voltammetric measurements).
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Chapters and reviews in books and proceedings  
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