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  • Dr.  Shai Carmi
Dr Shai Carmi

​​​We develop methods and theory in statistical and population genetics, with applications to medicine, biology, and history, in particular in the context of the Jewish population. Current research is focused on the following projects.​

  • Ashkenazi Jewish genetics
    • Genome-wide association studies
    • Clinical genetics and carrier screening​
    • Polygenic risk predictio​n
    • Reconstructing historical demographic events
  • Haplotype sharing in founder populations
    • Patterns of sharing under sex-biased demography and consanguinity
    • Methods for reconstructing the demography of modern and ancient populations
    • Applications for low-coverage sequencing, in particular in reproductive genetics
  • Theoretical population genetics and applications
    • Modeling ancestry in admixed populations
    • Approximations of the coalescent with recombination
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