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  • Prof.  Sharona Even-Ram
prof Sharona Even Ram
Research Interests
The mechanical properties of extracellular microenvironment are known to affect cell and tissue morphology, gene expression and the differentiation state during embryonic development and in the adult. We are most interested in studying mechanobiology in human embryonic stem cells and their differentiated progeny.  The research in the lab spans both basic research projects and translational ones. The basic projects focus on the regulation of stem cell pluripotency vs. differentiation by the extracellular matrix (ECM) and the translational line is devoted to development of cell-based regenerative therapy for Parkinson's disease.
Running Projects

   •   Controlling early differentiation events in human embryonic stem cells by the ECM

   •   Mechanosensing and mechanotransduction signaling in early differentiation in-vitro and in pre-implanted embryos

   •   Cytoskeleton to nucleoskeleton transmission

   •   Directed differentiation of embryonic stem cells to dopaminergic neurons

   •   Cytoskeleton-based selection methods against tumor forming cells

   •   ECM-mimetic biomaterial platforms for improvement of neuronal survival during transplantation 

 Open Positions
We are seeking talented, creative and hard-working candidates for the following positions:
Postdoctoral fellow - 3 years funding
PhD student 
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