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  • Prof.  Shela Gorinstein
Prof  Shela Gorinstein
Research Interests 
Hypocholesterolemic effect of dietary fruits and beer.
Antioxidants and different radical scavenging methods.
Nutritional value of beverages, fruits and their influence on metabolism.
Coronary artery disease and  moderate beer consumption and fruit consumption.
Evaluation of genetic purity of seed storage proteins from different plants through protein electrophoretic and isoelectrophoretic patterns.
Relationship between the amino acid sequence and the structure of storage proteins. 
Functional properties of ovalbumin as a matrix for sustained drug release and its comparison with albumins and globulins from plants and other sources.
Kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions; kinetic models and computer implementation of the models. 
Research Projects 
Relationships among cereals, tubers and other plants based on Coronary artery disease and moderate beverage consumption. ​
Proteins and amino acids in plants and food products.
​Genetic purity of plant seed production.
​Nutritional value of beverages and their influence on metabolism.
​Kinetics of enzyme-catalyzed reactions.
​Characterization of pseudocereal dietary fiber, proteins and other bioactive compounds and their use as protective agents for coronary artery disease.
​Hypocholesterolemic effect of dietary fruits.
​Intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence of human serum proteins. 
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