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  • Prof.  Stefan Rokem
Prof Stefan Rokem
B.Sc. University of Stockholm
M.Sc. University of London
Ph.D. Hebrew University, Jerusalem
Research fellow University Kentucky
Visiting scientist, Yale University
Visiting scientist, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm
Executive committee, International Organization for Biotechnology and Bioengineering. Expert panel of UNEP "Biotechnology for cleaner production". Member of Advisory group of the European Federation of Biotechnology "Ecologic Bioprocessing". Member of "Greening of Industry Network".  
Research Interests  
The use of Actinobacteria in biotechnology including control of antibiotic formation, production of biofuels, modeling of metabolism for overproduction and bioremediation.

Production by fermentation of organic acids by filamentous fungi, specifically fumaric and malic acid.
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Recent Projects 
     Treatment of liquid olive mill waste using selected bacteria.
     Modeling of metabolism of Micrococcus luteus.
     Feasibilty for production of alternative fuels using microorganisms.
Selected Publications 
Organic and Fatty Acid Production, Microbial. I.Goldberg and J.S. Rokem in The Encyclopedia of Microbiology, 3rd Edition, ed  M.Schaechter, Elsevier, 421-442 (2009).
Biotechnology, 15 volumes, UNESCO. EOLSS publishers, HW Doelle & J.S.Rokem  editors.  ISBN 978-1848267053 to 978-1848267190 ( 2010).
Complete genome sequence of the Fleming strain of Micrococcus luteus. Michael Young, Vladimir Artsatbanov, Harry R. Beller, Govind Chandra, Keith F. Chater, Tamar Kahan, Arseny S. Kaprelyants, Nikos Kyrpides, Jacques Mahillon, Viktor Markowitz, Galina V. Mukamolova, Aharon Oren, Mark J. Pallen, J.Stefan Rokem, Maggie C. Smith, and Charles L. Greenblatt. J. Bact. 192 841-860 (2010).
Comparative Metabolic Capabilities for Micrococcus luteus NCTC 2665, the “Fleming” Strain, and Actinobacteria. J.S.Rokem, Wanwipa Vongsangnak and Jens Nielsen. Biotechnology & Bioengineering 108,  2770–2775 (2011)

Gasohol. J.S.Rokem. " Encyclopedia of Energy," Vol 2 p Pierce, Morris A. ed. pp 494-497 Ipswich, MA; Salem Press, 2012.
Biofuels. J.S.Rokem. Chapter in textbook “Biotechnologie fur Einsteiger” 4th  ed. R. Renneberg. pp. 229-231 Springer Spektrum, 2012.
Phenol Biodegradation by Corynebacterium glutamicum Encapsulated in Electrospun Fibers. A. Nardi, R. Avrahami, E. Zussman, J.S. Rokem and C.L. Greenblatt. J. of Environ. Prot. 3, 164-168 (2012)
Fumaric acid. I.Goldberg & J.S.Rokem. In “Bioprocessing of Renewable Resources to Commodity Bioproducts” A  Kondo & V Bisaria eds. Wiley In Press 2013 
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     Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences
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