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  • Prof.  Uriel Bachrach
Prof Uriel Bachrach
Bachrach U. Prof. (Retired)​ 
Nolecular Biology. Cancer
Past Lab Members
Amalia Tabib
Yongchun Wang
Anat Shayovitch
Scientific Activity
Research was  focused on studying  the physiological functions  of naturally occurring polyamines (spermine, spermidine and putrescine). Special emphasis was given to elucidating their role in promoting growth and malignant transformation. It has been found that they activate protein kinases which are involved in signal transduction. This resulted in stimulated expression of the nuclear oncogenes fos. jun and myc
Based on these studies a new method for determining the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy and radiotherapy was developed. This in vitro chemosensitivity test, was successfully applied for  predicting the optimal treatment for hematological cancer patients. As a result, undesired  toxic  side effects of anti cancer agents could be  reduced.
The mode of anticancer activity of polyphenols derived from green tea was also elucidated.
International Collaboration 
Academy of Medical Sciences, Jinan, Shandong, China (In vitro chemosensitivity assays).
University of Vienna, Austria, School of Pharmacy (Attempts to establish an European Polyamine  Research Center).
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Publications (1998-2003) 
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Bachrach U. Polyamines and cancer. Amino Acids (in press).
Chapters in Books 
Yaniv, Z. and  Bachrach, U. Roots as a source  of metabolites with medicinal activity. In: Plants Roots , the Hidden  Half (Y. Waisel, A. Eshel and Kafkafi, U. eds.) Marcel Decker Inc. N.Y. pp.  1071-1091, 2002.
Bachrach, U. Tabib, A. and  Wang, Y.: Polyamines and malignant  transformation. In: Biologically Active Amines in Food, COST 917 (D.M.L. Morgan, T. Hirvi,  G. Dandrifosse,  P. Deloyer and  A. White, eds.). European Communities, Luxemburg, pp. 44-47, 2002.
Bachrach, U. and Wang, Y. In  vitro chemosensitivity testing of hematological cancer  patients: Detection of ornithine decarboxylase. In: Recent Results in Cancer  Research, Chemosensitivity  Testing  in Oncology (U. Reinhold and  W. Tilgen, eds.). Springer, Berlin, Vol. 161, pp. 62-70, 2003.
Bachrach, U. Naturally occurring polyamines: interaction with macromolecules. In: Current Protein and Peptide Science (B.M. Dunn, ed.). Bentham  Science  Publishers Ltd.  2004 ( in  press).
Bachrach, U. Immunohistochemical detection of ornithine decarboxylase as a measure of chemosensitivity  (R.D. Blumenthal, ed.) Humana Press. 2004 (in  press).
Editor of a book:
Yaniv, Z. and Bachrach, U. eds. Handbook of  Medicinal Plants, Binghamton, NY, Haworth Press (2004).
Awards and Medals 
Elected as honorary member of Shandong Academy of Medical Siences (China).
Elected member of the Board of Governors  of the Institute of Molecular Medicine, Huntington beach, Ca.
Awarded “Qilu Friendship Award” for foreign expert who gives great contribution  for the development of the Shandong  Academy of Medical Sciences, Shandong, China.
A medal from the University of Roma , Italy.
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