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Upcoming BDRC activities

In 2017 BDRC will hold four major programs:

Hosting international recognized experts in various aspects of neuroscience and brain diseases.
In order to expose our students to cutting edge science and promote collaborations between our researchers and leading researchers the center invites world-recognized experts who present their recent studies and discuss different aspects of a career in science.
A lecture series in the Jerusalem Cinematheque.
One of our aims is to communicate our research to the general public. In 2017 BDRC collaborates with the Jerusalem Cinematheque conducting a series of four activities that will be consisted of a movie and a lecture of one of the center’s experts.
Awarding outstanding PhD theses.
Students who completed their PhD in one of BDRC’s laboratories are eligible to apply for the BDRC award. The center’s academic committee will select each year two awardees and organize an event during which the awardees present their work and receive the award.
An introductory workshop for young students.
The center organized a two day workshop aimed to expose young students to the our experts and cutting edge projects that are conducted in BDRC’s laboratories.
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