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The Herbert and Dorothy Nadolny Cardio-Metabolic Diseases Research Hub
Research Hub: Cardio-Metabolic Diseases
Coordinator: Prof. Yuval Dor
A group of scientists at the medical school, in particular at IMRIC, is currently performing collaborative high-quality research on metabolic diseases, in particular diabetes. Research projects include, among others:
Embryonic development of the pancreas and the programming of embryonic stem cells to generate transplantable beta cells for the cure of diabetes.​
​2. ​Adult beta cell dynamics and regenerative medicine for diabetes.
​3. ​Mechanisms of insulin resistance
​4. ​The metabolic impact of bariatric surgery
​5. ​ER stress as a determinant of beta cell failure in diabetes
​6. ​Role of natural killer cells in the development of autoimmune diabetes
​7. ​Alternative splicing as a determinant of beta cell function and insulin action
​8. ​Epigenetic aberrations in type 2 diabetes
The unique strength of this group lies in the diverse expertise of its members, many of whom are young faculty. By bringing together knowhow from developmental biology, molecular biology, advanced transgenic technology, epigenetics and clinical sciences, this hub will greatly enhance the quality of metabolic disease research and its eventual clinical impact. 
This hub operates on an everyday basis to advance the study of diabetes. This includes joint group meetings and journal clubs, monthly seminars and special research days including talks by outside guests. The hub attempts to attract additional funding for joint multidisciplinary projects and for the purchase of high technology equipment needed for this type of research. Another goal of the hub is to establish a “library” of transgenic mouse strains and vectors used for the study of the pathophysiology of metabolic disease. 
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