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Research Hubs
The Research Hubs gather together scientists and clinicians focusing on a specific subject or disease, integrating various scientific and medical disciplines. Each Research Hub consists of researchers from IMRIC, Hadassah Hospital, School of Pharmacy, School of Public Health and more. The Research Hub performs a variety of scientific and educational activities including weekly seminars, journal clubs for graduate students, yearly retreats and more. The Research Hubs are developing new teaching courses for graduate students, highlighting the top advanced developments in specific research areas. Members of the Research Hubs are collaborating and applying for joint grants from competitive sources, opening-up new opportunities for research-fund rising, in Israel and abroad.
Research Hubs presently active at IMRIC:
5. Virus-host Interactions and Viral Pathogenesis. Coordinator: Prof. Albert Taraboulos.
Research images collage, from left to right laboratory mouse, cuvettes, laboratory flask, microscope, syringe and small bottles  
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