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Cancer Research Hub
The Cancer Research Hub: The Tumor and its Microenviroment
Coordinator: Dr. Yoav Shaul

The Cancer Research Hub provides a common framework for cancer research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Medicine. The Hub brings together cancer researchers at the Institute for Medical Research (IMRIC), the Institute for Drug Research, and the Hadassah Medical Center, as well as cancer researchers in other academic units and campuses at the Hebrew University. Hub members are basic, translational and clinical researchers, including clinical oncologists at the Sharret Institute of Oncology at Hadassah Medical Center.

Aims of the Cancer Research Hub
1. To conduct scientific meetings, seminars and discussion of ongoing cancer research at the
    Faculty, as well as of general advances in the fields of cancer research and therapy.
2. To foster direct interactions between cancer researchers at the University and Hospital, 
    providing a link between the bench and bedside.
3. To lay ground to collaborative research projects and initiatives between researchers at the
4. To provide resources and infrastructure dedicated to research projects at the Faculty.

Scientific Goals
Cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide. Research of cancer is one of the most active and exciting fields in biomedicine, and the understanding and treatment of the disease are currently undergoing a revolutionary transformation. After many years of research aimed at revealing the molecular basis for the disease and at unraveling the genes that drive it, a new generation of targeted drugs is now reaching the clinic. Transformative research technologies are currently producing previously unimagined insights into the causes of cancer, and enhance the ability to develop novel therapeutic approaches and provide treatment specific to the needs of each patient.
These exciting developments have brought together basic scientists and cancer clinicians to focus on common fields of interest. The Institute for Medical Research houses cancer researchers who are at the forefront of these exciting developments. Scientists at the Institute are exploring some of the most central questions in current cancer research, applying and developing cutting-edge tools. The proximity to Hadassah Medical Center provides the opportunity for bridging the path from the basic research lab to the clinical setting. The Hub provides a framework to support this interaction.
The overarching goal of the Cancer Research Hub is to support work to unravel the molecular complexities of cancer and translate biological understanding of the different forms of this disease to effective therapy.

Hub member scientists and clinicians study a wide range of topics in cancer, as well as different types of cancers, including breast, colon, liver pancreas, lungs, and others. Prominent among the fields of interest are:
- Interactions between tumor cells and their environment.
- Regulation of gene activity in cancer.
- Signaling pathways in cancer.
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