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Head of Department: Prof. Charles Jaffe
The research in the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics is conducted in the laboratories of 34 research groups, headed by 21 faculty members and 13 professors’ emeriti. The department research focuses on life processes that can be explained in terms of molecular events in individual cells. These processes are studied at the level of single biochemical reactions through subcellular compartments, single cells and multicellular tissues. A multitude of techniques are employed to this end, including state-of-the-art methods of molecular biology, microbial physiology, biochemistry and genetics. Each research group is fully independent, pursuing its own research interests, yet numerous collaborations between groups in the department and with other groups at IMRIC provide an excellent atmosphere of cooperation. The younger generation of graduate and post-graduate is well represented in the department with more than 80 young scientists actually performing all the experimental research.
Microbiological Illustration

Researcher in the laboratory
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