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Congratulations to Faculty of Medicine Researchers on being awarded prestigious 2015 Prusiner-Abramsky Research Award

​​​Dissecting the mechanistic roles of aging in the emergence of neurodegenerative disorders​Dr. Ehud Cohen​​​Neuronal circuits underlying social behavior​​​Dr. Yoram Ben-Shaul​​Genetic analysis of familial ALS in a large consanguineous Palestinian pedigree with a recessive inheritance pattern​​Dr. Marc Gotkine​​DYT1 dystonia links corticostriatal synaptic plasticity and learning behavior in humans ​Dr. David Arkadir​ The Scientific Awards Ceremony (including the Prusiner-Abramsky Awards) is scheduled for Wed. June 3rd  2015 during the Board of Governors 2015 week (May 28th -June 3rd  2015)  ​