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White Coat Ceremony 2014

On Tuesday, December 30th, 2014, the White coat ceremony for our medical students took place, at the Mount Scopus Campus. This ceremony indicates the student's transition from their pre-clinical years of study to the clinical years. The high light of this ceremony is receiving of the bachelor's degree diploma, and wearing of the white coat. 174 students participated in the white coat ceremony. Dr. Ronit Harel hosted the ceremony, the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Prof. David Lichtstein, Prof. Tamar Peretz, Prof. Uriel Elchalal, Prof. Colin Block, Prof. David Gertz and Dr. Tami Karni blessed the graduates. Ram Tal-Nir , the father of Yuval Tal-Nir, Tzameret course student who tragically passed away in Peru, received his diploma from the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in a very moving and honorable occasion. The fascinating lecture was given by prof. Yoel Donchin. Later in the ceremony the “”medical students oath” was red by Prof. Uriel Elchalal. “Hatikva” anthem was played by the musicians, students from the class, completed this impressive and exciting ceremony.