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Maryland Governor and President of University of Maryland, Baltimore Visit Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine

 A delegation led by the Governor of the State of Maryland, Martin O'Malley, pledged cooperation with the Hebrew University's Faculty of Medicine during a visit to the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine today, april 23. During the visit, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Hebrew University President Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson and University of Maryland, Baltimore President Dr. Jay Perman.  The delegation's visit included a discussion of avenues of cooperation between the two universities in the evolving National Institute for Research in Military Medicine, a joint project of the Hebrew University Faculty of Medicine and the IDF Medical Corps. It also included a visit to a trauma unit and the famed Chagall Windows at Hadassah-Hebrew University Hospital. A full agenda of the visit can be seenhere. Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley said: ""Thank you for the collaborations that you've entered into. I look forward to growing these collaborations in order to strengthen our shared ties. The jobs of today and the jobs of the future are created through the innovations that we bring forward for the security and health of our people, the innovations that we bring forward in terms of the education and skills of our people, and the innovations that we bring forward that improve the sustainability of our way of life. That is how we feed, fuel and heal our state and this world of ours."" Hebrew University President Prof. Menahem Ben-Sasson said: ""This is an important agreement between two institutions that are very strong academically, with a breadth of research spanning many areas, as well as deep and proven capabilities developed over the course of many years. Currently the Hebrew University sends continuing education students to the University of Maryland and they send their students to us. The purpose of today's meeting is to broaden this relationship to other areas of cooperation, and already we have found more than one area in the Faculty of Medicine where our two organizations can interact. There is great potential here for us all to benefit.""  Dr. Jay Perman, President of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, said: ""The memorandum says that we are committed to talking with each other about areas in which we have common interest and common strengths. And with the signing of the memorandum I will come back to my institution and begin discussions with my deans – our deans of medicine, of nursing, and of dentistry – and say, 'Here is what I learned at the Hebrew University, and here are the opportunities for us,' – in order to have further, more detailed discussions.""  According to Professor Eran Leitersdorf, Dean of the Hebrew University’s Faculty of Medicine,""This is one of the highest-level visits to the Hebrew University's Faculty of Medicine in recent years.  The Governor of Maryland was accompanied by a delegation of the highest level that includedThe President of the University of Maryland at Baltimore, Dr. Jay Perman;TheVice President of Univ. of MDandPresident of the University of Maryland Biopark, Mr. James Hughes; Maryland Secretary of State, Mr. John McDonough; and Maryland Secretary of Business and Economic Development, Mr. Dominick Murray.   We were honored at this special event by the participation of The President of The Hebrew University, Professor Menahem Ben-Sasson; The Rector of the Hebrew University, Professor Asher Cohen; The Surgeon General of the IDF, Brigadier General, Dr. Yitshak Kreiss;Acting Director General of Hadassah Medical Organization, Dr. Yuval Weiss; Director of the Trauma Unit, Professor Avi Rivkind; and Chairman of the Hebrew University-Haddassah Medical School Alumni Association, Professor Benjamin Drenger.  On this occasion, a memorandum of understanding was signed by the two presidents that permits engagement in broad collaboration between the two universities in areas such asfaculty and student exchanges, training, and cooperative research.  The main purpose of the visit was to deepen the ties between the University of Maryland and The Hebrew University in science and medicine.   Furthering clinical and research achievements in areas such as military medicine, homeland security, trauma management, medical simulation, and regenerative medicine will be of high priority particularly in these days of global political instability.  In this regard, it is of particular importance to mention the Institute for Research in Military Medicine soon-to-be established at our Faculty within the framework of the faculty’s Elite Military Medicine Track (Tsameret) partnered with the IDF Medical Corps.  This institute will be a major participant in this collaborative effort.    Professor Leitersdorf further emphasized the great reputation of the world renown Trauma Center at The University of Maryland with whom he hopes to further this collaborative relationship. The visit was organized by Professor David Gertz with Dr. Ronit Harel and Ms Shelley Perlman-Azran.  Contributing to the success of the event were also many other members of the academic, administrative and technical staff.  Professor Gertz, as Acting Director of the Military Medicine Track, will be in charge of the follow-up planning and dialogue with the University of Maryland for the development and implementation of projects of this collaborative effort in areas of mutual interest and importance.